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Due to the fast developing Telecommunications Technology, the world is a much smaller place than ever before resulting in people, no longer being confined to products, services or information that is offered to them locally. Today, more than ever, people know the value of their money and its purchasing power.

Many companies strive to meet their customer needs of providing products and services that deliver value for money. In a competitive and open market, such as the Saudi market, some of the companies achieve this goal. On the other hand, many companies cannot satisfy their customers, simply because of the high costs associated with the quality.

It was perceived that in order to fill this void, a company should be created to provide high quality "International" products and services to "local" customers with affordable prices.

That is why Experts of Energy Projects (EXPERTS) was founded. EXPERTS has the commitment to bring to the marketplace companies that have world-renowned products and services that enhance the productivity of our clients and further assist the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to glide smoothly into the future.

This, however, cannot be achieved without a comprehensive knowledge of the local conditions and complete awareness of the international market. People are the strength of any organization and we are at EXPERTS proud of ourselves in bringing multinationals experienced staff with many years of service and practical expertise, into our organization.

By association with EXPERTS, there is an inherent recognition in the market, which we maintain to the highest level. Our efforts have been recognized by the international companies and our local clients.

To keep our impeccable reputation, we will continue to bring the premier organizations from around the world to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. By doing so, we commit to utilize these companies to help as build a stronger infrastructure within the Kingdom, for benefit of all.

Together, we can build a prosperous future in this challenging market.

Yousef Al Mahfouz, President
Experts of Energy Projects Group

For more information about How We as an Experts of Energy Projects can help you
build a prosperous future in the challenging market, contact +966 3 8954488 or
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